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Cayos Cochinos:The best Tropical Island Tour!

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  • Cayos Cochinos
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Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

The Cayos Cochinos Natural Marine Monument is considered one of the places that you must visit before you die , being accorded the 17th position among the 35 best places in the world. Cayos Cochinos has also been selected as one of the top 10 destinations to be visited around the world , in the number 6 position´s of the most sensual places, according to the prestigious magazine. "Daily News Dig".

The Cayos Cochinos belong to the world's second largest barrier reef : is an archipelago of 13 coral cays of origin and 2 volcanic islands.

Activities that can be enjoyed in the Cayos Cochinos are as follows ; swimming in turquoise waters, relaxing on white sand beaches , snorkeling , hiking in search of the pink boa, snorkeling, and diving ( with prior reservation) and if you cannot dive you can learn at our Diving School.

According to history The Garifuna communities of Chachauate Cay and of East End were settled in 1965 , today these communities offer us the following services: accommodation, food, crafts sales and Garifuna dances ( with prior reservation) .

- This tour is ideal for students groups , family groups and the general public .

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